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With the news and highly successful trials of CBD as a treatment for a huge variety of illnesses, the market is exploding with brands and products. But, just like any other competitive market place certain brands like to cut corners to save on the bottom line while snubbing the consumer’s satisfaction. So how can you know what to trust, what’s more how do you know which products to trust? Let’s take a look at CBD products and how the most popular one’s are offered to consumers, and why.

Let’s cover some of the basics with CBD. CBD is available in a few different forms but the most popular is that of oils. The oils are useful because they can be absorbed through the skin, orally, or vaporized. It covers all your bases while ensuring nearly 100% of the product is working its way through your system. CBD was originally overlooked by a lot of medical researchers, as THC was seen as the main chemical giving all the medical benefits to the patients. This is not so, however, as CBD gives much of the same medical benefits of THC without causing the potentially negative psychoactive issues that has demonized THC to a certain extent.

CBD oil is created within the Cannabis plant naturally, and is extracted from the seeds of the plant or from Cannabis strains that have been specifically grown to contain only CBD, a pure form of this is also known as cbd isolate powder in the UK. The extraction process is quite simple, with the most popular one being to simply cold-press the oils out of the plant. This simple process is one of the reasons that the Oil form of CBD is the most popular, it is the easiest to manufacture and there are no outside chemicals that may interfere with the product. Other variations of pills and inhalers are available, but contain no extra benefits that the Oils do not already have.

CBD has been shown, at the correct dosages, to immensely help with anxiety, pain, and inflammation as well as a litany of other problems. Dosing CBD appropriately can be tricky, as it will vary from patient to patient, but luckily there is no risk of overdose with CBD. An appropriately high dose will give all the effects one needs without worry of overdoing it, while a low dose with provide very little use to the patient. So with this in mind, the importance of knowing how many milligrams of CBD are in your product becomes important if one wishes to feel the full benefits of the chemical.

 A typical dosage of CBD varies significantly from person to person as their metabolic rate and body weight plays an important role. Some report as little as 2 milligrams as effective while others need 100 or even up to 200 mg at the highest end of the spectrum. Remember, there is no risk for overdose here, the only thing that using “too much” CBD does is wastes your product as the benefits only go so high. It is recommended to start at about 2-3mg per day of CBD, and work your way up until you feel the relief that is desired.

CBD Oils and infused edibles with CBD come in a variety of dosages, and used for a few different purposes. The two most common are mostly the tinctures and the vaporized varieties. The tinctures are CBD oil suspended in a solution that allows it to be absorbed very quickly through the mouth and into the blood stream. These are very popular, especially for the first time users of CBD as it doesn’t hold the stigma some associate with vaporization and they tend to be somewhat cheaper, if not quite as strong. Vaporization on the other hand is increasingly gaining ground with the popularity of e-cigarettes in the mainstream. Vaporized CBD Oil is the pure plant resin that is extracted into a glycol solution to make the vaporization process easier while diluting the product as to not be too strong. These come in a variety of strengths and effect the user nearly immediately, going into the blood and into the brain very soon after inhalation. For the quickest effects and for use on the go Vaporization tends to win out.

Another increasingly popular use of CBD oils are the topical solutions and CBG Isolate. These are lotions or essential oils mixed with CBD that are rubbed on the skin. This helps with a variety of external conditions such as acne or other inflammations and does eventually pass into the blood easing anxiety and depressions. The rate of absorptions tends to be quite slow with the topicals, but they are essential for anyone who wishes to use CBD for a skin or joint condition such as fibromyalgia or eczema.

The concentrations of oils range from a bottle with milligrams in the 100-200 range all the way up to ultra concentrates going above 2000 mg in the same size bottle. Obviously the higher the concentration, the less needs to be used but at the same time are much more expensive. For the first time users it is generally recommended to go into the low doses and use more of it at a time and if the product is to your liking up it into the higher concentrations. A balanced approach while getting into CBD is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your CBD experience and medications.

The landscape of CBD is constantly growing with more and more competitors entering the marketplace. Always be on the lookout for the purity of the product and to see reviews online. A quality product is sure to tell you its milligrams and how to use it, anything missing this basic information should raise red flags. But, all in all, there are many great CBD oil products available and understanding the different doses and how to use them is a great boon to being a savvy consumer. If you’re interested in CBD as a medication or as a way to ease an ailment, CBD oil is the best starting place.

 Chris Sceviour

Chris Sceviour


The international idea of what Cannabis is, and how the opinion has changed so much and so often has always fascinated me. I’m kind of an open minded person so to me it’s always just been a plant, even before trying it out. People get in such an uproar about it, while the countries and certain states in the US that have it legalized don’t even think about it.

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