CBD History

Cannabidiol, or CBD, actually has a long history for its medical benefits. We know as far back as the 19th century CBD rich Cannabis Strains were used to treat painful conditions such as menstrual cramps successfully. Tests on animals in recent times showed that strains richer in CBD were more effective at treating anxiety and seizures in them, but it really wasn’t until very recent times that CBD has been available to the mainstream in the forms of high-CBD strains and CBD extractions.

1998 was the first time a company went out and started growing Cannabis specifically for its CBD properties instead of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The reasons for this was the tantalizing idea that a Cannabis plant could be grown that retains most of the medical benefits without the psychoactive properties inherent with higher THC plants. These psychoactive properties could be extremely distressing to certain patients and was the main turn off for a long time keeping Cannabis from being seen as a legitimate medication.

Generations of Cannabis breeding, since the beginning of the War on Drugs, had been to focus solely on the plants THC content. As a result of this most strains before the Medical boom contained very little CBD compared to the THC ratio. This meant the plants for more likely to cause paranoia in uses as well as other negative effects such as anxiety and racing heart beats. All in the pursuit of a strong “high” that could be sold on the black markets for a larger sum without having to provide more plant matter. Even in the largest Cannabis growing communities such as Northern California the CBD content in a lot of these plants had been reduced to very small trace amounts.

After the creation of the high CBD strains, however, this has changed. With both medical and recreational users seeing the benefits of keeping the CBD levels at higher degrees to allow the anti-anxiety properties and anti-inflammation effects to stay relevant in the plant. Today’s Medical Cannabis contain a much more rounded ratio to allow optimal results when used in treatments of a variety of ailments.

The next advancement came from finding ways to extract just the CBD from the plant. The most popularized method of this came from the Cannabis seed itself, which contained the CBD but not THC. By pressing the oils from these seeds a simple and cheap CBD extraction was born and became widely available for anyone looking to treat pain, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other physical and mental ailments with the product.

Trials on CBD have been highly promising, and as a result many countries such as the UK are now allowing the sale of CBD for use in many different illnesses. The most popularized of this is the use of it in treating patients with epilepsy as the CBD has the effect of calming the parts of the brain that are misfiring during a seizure, and reduces both the severity and amount of seizures that the afflicted experience. CBD truly is an excellent product that can help a huge amount of severe and minor illnesses.

 Chris Sceviour

Chris Sceviour


The international idea of what Cannabis is, and how the opinion has changed so much and so often has always fascinated me. I’m kind of an open minded person so to me it’s always just been a plant, even before trying it out. People get in such an uproar about it, while the countries and certain states in the US that have it legalized don’t even think about it.

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