About Me – Chris Sceviour

The international idea of what Cannabis is, and how the opinion has changed so much and so often has always fascinated me. I’m kind of an open minded person so to me it’s always just been a plant, even before trying it out. People get in such an uproar about it, while the countries and certain states in the US that have it legalized don’t even think about it. There’s this entire plant that some guys back in the 20’s decided needed to be erased from the face of the earth, and the almost did it. It’s absolutely bizarre, which is why I’ve always been interested in it.

I started learning about Marijuana back in school, drugs are bad and all that beaten into our heads. I never messed with it until much later, but just from what I knew online about the plant I was aware much of what I was learning leaned heavily towards government mandated propaganda. As a free thinker, I was never a fan of these types of lessons. In fact from what I observed in my peers back then it seemed to back fire, as the kids that did try it tended to have used Cannabis for the first time just because it was a taboo kind of thing. This sort of oddness really does no favors for Marijuana which should be looked at for what it is, a potential Medicinal product as well as a recreation tool if used that way, not a corrupting influence on our youth. If anything the fact that our governments like to demonize it and its users so much are the whole reason this false War on Drugs is even an issue!

Things like this really annoying me my whole life, and especially in college after I had tried Cannabis for the first time because a friend said it helped them with their insomnia which I was also suffering from terribly at the time. I realized very quickly what I had always assumed, this plant is not harmful at all! In fact it did help me sleep and really well at that! I’ve been a nightly user pretty much ever since, and I sleep much better than my co-workers who are using sleeping pills and the like which they end up getting addicted to or have odd sleep habits like nightmares or sleepwalking. I’ve tried to introduce them to my type of medication but most want nothing to do with it, even to the point of threatening to report me to my boss for my usage.

Basically what I’m saying here is I want people to understand and accept Cannabis for what it is and I’m attempting to do my part at making that happen. I enjoy writing about things I know and love to teach people about the subjects I’ve learned. So I hope what I’ve said here is useful to someone out there, just like the net helped me realize what cannabis was back in my schooling days.

CBD History

CBD History

Cannabidiol, or CBD, actually has a long history for its medical benefits. We know as far back as the 19th century CBD rich Cannabis Strains were used to treat painful conditions such as menstrual cramps successfully. Tests on animals in recent times showed that strains richer in CBD were more effective at treating anxiety and seizures in them, but it really wasn’t until very recent times that CBD has been available to the mainstream in the forms of high-CBD strains and CBD extractions.

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