Cannabis Seeds

The huge and booming industry of Cannabis both Medical and Recreation all starts from the same place, the seed. The modern Cannabis Seed is very different from what was found years ago growing around the world, with much genetic development and science placed into making sure the absolute best qualities of the mother plants are in the seeds. But, Cannabis seeds do have a variety of other uses besides just growing Cannabis.

First and foremost, Cannabis was not originally used as a recreational substance or at least that wasn’t what it was popular for. There were two main reasons Cannabis was grown as far back as the dawn of the agricultural revolution. The first was the use of the hemp plant as a tool. It is incredible sturdy and capable of making a variety of useful objects such as clothes and rope. But, Cannabis seeds were also a vital component in these ancient people’s diets. See, Cannabis seeds are one of the only food that are nutritionally 100% complete. This means that all the proteins, amino acids, and vitamins to sustain vital functions are found within the seeds. A super food like this that could also be turned into a variety of useful tools was supremely valuable to early civilization, to the point Cannabis Seeds and Hemp actually became a main form of currency in certain South East Asian civilizations where the plant grew quite well.

But, in modern times Cannabis Seeds are not used this was as much. The main draw, and what has caused a plant seed to turn into a billion dollar industry, is what these guys can grow into nowadays. The first advancements that really brought the value of the Cannabis Seeds were actually caused as a result of the War on Drugs, ironically. You see, the growers and dealers of the plant needed to find ways to keep their costs the same but have people pay the same amount of money for less plant material. What was discovered quite quickly was that female plants that remained un-pollinated produced exactly this, stronger Cannabis without the seeds and stems that plagued the common Cannabis Strains. These carefully grown plants were grown and bred very selectively, thus creating the insane amount of varieties and the increased strength we see today.

153hemp-oil-1-760x428Many wanted to get in on the ground floor of these exploding industry, and certain growers began to sell their seeds. In order to outdo their competitors, different varieties of Cannabis Seeds began to be offered, these include the Feminized and Auto-Flowering Seeds that have become very popular for personal and amateur breeders as well as anyone looking for simplicity in their growing operations. This tweaking into the genome of the Cannabis plant has increased the value of each and every seed by an immense level, with certain award winning strains having a huge market price. Cannabis Seeds in the Modern World are truly one of the few substances that are worth more than their weight in gold.